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Starting an Amazon business from scratch takes a lot of time, hard work, trial, and error. With a small mistake, you can lose your business. That is why buying an already established seller account from an amazon professional seller is becoming popular among entrepreneurs. If you are interested in making your way into the Amazon business, please read our article very carefully. Because here, we will discuss all the necessary steps and factors you must know to buy amazon seller accounts correctly. Without any delay, let’s get started

Features of Amazon Seller Account

  1. Only real information-based account.
  2. Used 100% unique IP address
  3. We can arrange an account in your own name and address
  4. Account funds can be withdrawn to your local bank by a USA bank account (Price $99 & support all country).
  5. Your own Amazon account is allowed to register.
  6. Documents verified. (photo ID & Address proof).
  7. The phone number is added & verified.

Delivery Materials

  1. Amazon email address
  2. Password for account
  3. Credit card used for charge method
  4. USA bank account (for an extra $50)
  5. Delivery Time: 24 hours

Types of Amazon Seller Accounts

  • Individual Account-: This account requires no monthly payments, but you have to pay $0.99 for the listings. You won’t manage your shipping rates and only use the already created listings to add offers. You also won’t have access to the gated categories to sell the products.
  • Professional Account-: You need to pay $39.99/month for this kind of account. With this account, you will have some advantages, such as creating product listings to sell new, unique products, setting your shipping rate and selling in the gated category, etc.


How to Open a Amazon Seller Account

Things to Do After Buy Amazon Seller Accounts

When buying an amazon seller account, the seller needs an approval letter from the seller’s support. After you purchase an account, you need to complete the ownership transfer process, and for that, you have to update some information about the account.

  • Charge Method-: You need to update the charging method with your credit card information so that Amazon can charge seller fees.
  • Deposit Method-: You need to update the account with your bank account information to get the generated sales moving forward in the new account.
  • TAX Details-: For completing the ownership transferring process, you need to add your TAX information, such as SSN or EIN. 
  • Account Name and Email Address-: Last but not least, you have to update the account with your name and email address. Amazon will reflect this information in their database and contact you with the new email address. 

Create amazon seller accountFactors to Consider Before Buying Amazon Seller Account

  • Try to learn about the suppliers as they play the most crucial role in your business’s success. Talk to the manufacturer to get an idea about them.
  • Learn thoroughly about the term and agreements, manufacturer standards, time requires for producing and shipping the items.
  • Check the records, age, and health status of the account. It would help if you made sure to buy the account with the right account metrics. 
  • Go through the product reviews and feedback to get an idea about their customer service status.
  • Get a clear idea of the expense related to every aspect of the business, such as storage fees, software, inventory, on and off ad spend, payroll, promotional payment, etc.
  • Before you buy an account, you need to study your competition by checking their ranking keywords, reviews, average sales, fulfillment method, etc. 


How to Open a Amazon Seller Account?

  • Decide the kind of products you want to sell
  • Click on the sell-by visiting the amazon website.
  • Choose either an individual or professional plan.
  • Create amazon seller account by providing your email address
  • Verify your account by providing the necessary information and complete registration.


Buy Amazon Seller Accounts

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A proper amazon seller account is essential to thriving in the online business sector. However, finding the right one can be troublesome, especially for those who have no experience in e-commerce. We hope our article will help you make the right decision to find and buy amazon seller accounts that are perfect for your business. 



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