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Are you thinking of shifting your business to a cloud platform? But you cannot make the right decision on which one to choose? Well, you just found the right place!Today we will discuss Microsoft azure accounts. It is one of the top-rated cloud service platforms well known for its secure, quick, and committed facilities. Keep on reading to know why it is the right choice to buy microsoft azure accounts.


steps to Create Free Microsoft Azure Account

  • Step 1-: Visit the Microsoft Azure website and click on start free.
  • Step 2-: Sign in using your Microsoft or Github account.
  • Step 3-: Type necessary information such as your legal name, email address, phone number, VAT number, etc.
  • Step 4-: Verify your account with the verification code you received through the text or callback option.
  • Step 5-: Sign up by providing valid credit card information and reviewing the agreement and privacy statement. 

Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts

Ways to Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts

After the end of your 30 days free trial with $200 credits, you can buy an azure account in one of the following ways. 

  • Pay-as-You-Go-: It is the fastest way to buy accounts directly from azure websites. With this budget-friendly option, you will pay just for the services you use. It is an excellent option for small business owners.
  • Azure Open Licensing-: In this process, you will buy as many credits from third-party retailers. You will get a code from them with which you have to apply by filling up an online form in the Microsoft Azure portal
  • Microsoft Representative-: It is a perfect choice for large organizations. Through this option, you have to manage your account deployments by yourself and make a monthly payment for the services you use.
  • Visual Studio Subscription-: Through VS Enterprise Azure subscription, you will receive up to $200 credits depending on the type of subscription you have.


Microsoft Azure Features

  • No upfront costs
  • Pay-as-you-go billing
  • No contingency charges
  • Per-minute billing
  • Compatible with Windows, Disk, and Linux
  • Strong data restoration ability

Ways to Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts

Why Should You Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts?

  • Constant Support-: Whenever you observe any issue, you can get help with just a click. Proper troubleshooting advice from the expert helps you to begin and grow. They offer support plans in many languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese, etc.
  • Flexibility-: Azure is flexible and easy to adapt. They will offer you solutions and services that can quickly evolve with your changing needs. You can get a full opportunity to customize the cloud according to your needs.
  • Cost Competitive-: Microsoft Azure supports their customers with a vast amount of discounts due to an ever-growing customer base.  As a result, Azure costs will be lower than their competitions such as Google and AWS. 
  • Reliable Data Storage-: An azure account provides a secure environment to store and share any data, including the file/structured data or queries. The import/export feature ensures easy management of your data. 
  • Strong Backups-: Azure cloud stores your data up to 6 copies in two different data centers. It means they can assure 99.9% availability of your data backups.
  • Variety of Services-: You will get to choose from over 3000 azure services, and a lot of them are free of charge. Combining these services with frameworks, templates, virtual machine images, you can build powerful applications, faster and effortless solutions for any device. You can also make a single bill for all service usages.

Microsoft Azure Features

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With its flexible pricing and custom-fit working style, Azure is a highly sought-after cloud service platform. From small startups to giant corporations, every business benefits from it. So buy Microsoft azure accounts and get the best out of your purchase.


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