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Advertising in the digital platform has become a matter of great importance nowadays. Especially if you are a businessman, it is compulsory for you. So if you are also looking for a native advertising platform, Outbrain accounts can be a suitable choice for you. There are many features of Outbrain ads that make them reliable to advertisers. Today, we will know how to use Outbrain and how to buy it. 


What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is a third-party advertising platform that allows you for native advertising. It is an independent platform. Here both publisher and advertiser can work together. If you are an advertiser, you can create an ad and earn money when people click on that ad. Then you have to share that with the Outbrain publishers



Why Should You Use Outbrain?

Outbrain provides high-quality content. Outbrains help you to reach the users who might be interested in your content of the ad. Around one billion people are connected with Outbrain. The Outbrain cost is lower than other advertising platforms. 

Many renowned companies like CNN, Bloomberg,, etc., use Outbrain accounts for their advertisement. Not only that, many popular tools like google analytic, Firebase, Flutter, Taboola, etc., are integrated with Outbrain. 

How to create an Outbrain Account?

If you want to publish your ad on Outbrain, you must have an Outbrain Account. It is very easy to create an account on Outbrain. For that-

  • Go to page. There you will get a simple form to fill. 
  • Fill up the form with your name, email, country, and password.
  • Select the type of your business. 
  • Then click on the check of Outbrain’s privacy policy and again click on the Create Account. 

That’s how your Outbrain account will be ready to use. 

How to Buy Outbrain Accounts?

Buying an Outbrain account is not so difficult. To purchase an Outbrain account, you have to find a trusted service provider. 

  • Firstly, go to their page. Check the details and click on add to cart.
  • Next, you have to enter your billing information and other additional information that is needed. 
  • Then select your Outbrain payment method and make the payment. 


buy outbrain accounts


Like this, you can buy your verified Outbrain account. After that, Outbrain will send you the details of your account.

How to set up an Outbrain campaign?

  • Firstly select the objective of your ads. There are many types of objects like awareness, app installs, traffic, conversions, etc.
  • Then select the creative format you want for your campaign. There are mainly three types of format, such as- simple, carousel, and app install.
  • Now mark your budget for the ad. You can fix your budget about how much you want to spend on your campaign. Then Outbrain CPC or cost per click service will charge you according to your marked budget. 
  • After that, you have to set up the duration of your ad. It defines how long you want to run your ads. 
  • Then the most crucial part is to provide your content for the ads. Choose the images or videos very carefully and enter the headlines. Here you must maintain the content guideline properly. 
  • If you are done, then click on the “Launch Campaign.” 

Once you are done, it will take around one business day to review your content. Then Outbrain will publish your campaign publicly. 

Things to Know before buying Outbrain Accounts

  • Causes difficulties while approving the ad. 
  • You may need an account manager.
  • Select a reliable and trusted seller




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Final Worlds

Outbrain marketing is getting popular day by day. With its high quality of traffic that’s too reasonably costly, it can make your brand reach the targeted customers. If you are still doubtful, do your research, go through the Outbrain reviews, and choose your business’s best platform. 


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