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Do you want to buy Twitter ads? If, so you’re coming to the right place. As a business owner, I also buy ads on Twitter. Because this is a large platform with a large audience from each corner, I can’t imagine promoting my brand worldwide without Twitter ads. Today, I’m going to cover all details that help you to buy ads on Twitter. So join our post and read on further.

Features of  Twitter Ads Account

  1. Full active and verified account
  2. Used a USA VCC
  3. Used real, dedicated and unique IP address at the time of verification
  4. Totally new account, never used before
  5. Aged Old Accounts
  6. You can start running your ads without any problem after getting the account

What We Deliver

  1. An account with full login credentials
  2. Recovery information, if needed
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Why Should You Buy Twitter Ads Account?

That’s a common question for business owners, why should they buy Twitter ads account. But you must know, in this modern age, social platforms are highly usable for expanding businesses. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Twitter ads below. 

  • People from media, news, marketing, politics, celebrities, and technology have extensive activity on Twitter. So if your business has a connection with them, you can enhance influence through Twitter ads.
  • Surprisingly, Twitter ads can be bought at such a low cost, depending on your objective. You only need to spend 8/9 cents on average per click of Twitter ads. Genuinely, it’s a cheaper rate for ads.
  • You can target your specific audience with specific keywords that they used in their tweets or interaction. It can’t be possible on Facebook or other sites.
  • You can download a list of followers of any Twitter account, enabling you to target these tailored audiences. 

Buy Twitter Ads Account

Types of  Twitter Ads

Before buying, get an overview of Twitter ads’ types to choose which one will be right for you.

  • Promoted Tweets- It appears like a regular tweet, but you’ll pay to show the content to the people who do not follow your Twitter account.
  • Promoted Accounts- Instead of promoting one tweet, this ad type promoted your Twitter account of the entire brand. These ads showed on the Audience’s timeline who don’t already follow you.
  • Promoted Trends- As with regular trending topics, your promoted trends will show on both timelines and Explore tabs in the ” Trends For You ” section.
  • Automated Ads- If you’re a beginner the automated ads will be right for you as it automatically promotes your brand’s tweet and profile.

Buy Twitter Ads Account

How to Buy Twitter Ads Account?

Follow the steps to buy your Twitter ads account successfully.

  • Set Up Twitter Ads Account If it’s your first time buying ads. Log into your Twitter account and go to Add your country name and time zone. Click on Let’s Go. 
  • Choose Your Advertising Objective. It’s necessary for your ad engagement. Also, how much you pay depends on your ad’s objective. 

Here are eight types of objectives, including- Awareness, In-Stream Videos, App Installs, Video Views.

buy twitter ads account

  • Set Your Detail by filling data in the field ofname of your company, funding source, set a daily budget, set a total budget, start and ending schedule.
  • Create Ad Groups and Choose Bid type using campaigns in single or multiple groups. 

On bid types, select automatic bidding to optimize your bid for a great response with a cheaper cost.  

  • Target your Audience whom you want to reach your ads. Here are different options available, including demographic targeting, location targeting, and audience feature targeting; you can also choose retargeting options. 
  • Create Your Ads by adding images, videos, cards, or polls. Then Select ad Placement from the list that is associated with your chosen objective.
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It’s simple to buy Twitter ads account if you once understand the steps accurately. We tried to give you a clear idea in detail not to face any problem while buying. We showed your way, now it’s up to you to buy ads and best practices for a successful ad campaign. To Buy Twitter Ads Account feel free to knock us.


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